Develop Mobile Apps and earn money online


Here is a full guide of how to earn money by developing mobile apps and my personal methods and what I learned in this business

Now firstly let me give some information regarding the start of this business and what are the basic needs
Let me tell you that I started this business when I didn't have any computer or laptop only I had was an android mobile phone so you may have got the least requirement for starting this business and you also need some amount of money. You must be thinking why do I need money so the answer to your question is that money is needed in this business  for the buying of google play console account now what is that 

Google play console account

Google play console account is the account that is offered to you by google which allows you to publish your apps on google play store the investment required in this business is 25$ which is the cost of the google play console account. This is a one-time investment that if once you buy a console account it is for a lifetime and you can publish as many apps as you want.

How to make apps

In the present scenario it has become easy to do everything with technology so building or developing apps is also easy now you just need to do in the starting is that go to websites which makes apps for free like apps geyser you just need to enter some basic information about your app that you want to develop and the app is ready without any coding and if you know coding then you can simply install android studio and develop apps and this is all initial when you don't have much to invest but if you have then you can find some app developers on telegram and pay them and get the desired premium app but if you do not have much capital then you can develop apps on these free app development platforms and wait till your earning starts and then invest your earning in the new app buying or order to any developer this will increase your earning. once your app is developed and you have bought the console account then you will publish the app on google play store you can learn this on youtube how to publish apps on play console then wait for atleast 1 month this will let users reach your app and get some downloads and if you can invest then you can promote your app by contacting any YouTuber or by running google ads.

How much will I earn and how

There are many ways to monetize your app some of them are pop ads and adsence I would suggest you go with AdMob (part of adsence) you need signup for AdMob account and generate you ad codes the ad codes you will give to the developer from whom you are developing your apps or if you are developing from free sites then you can go on the monetize tab and add the ad codes and the ads will start running on your app
Gaining traffic will take time but once your app gets a high level of downloads you can earn up to 100$ a day or even more so keep going best of luck

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