Many of you may have tried playing and trying your luck on fantasy sports but do you loose every time or are you not perfect in this field then you are here on the right platform  

Playing fantasy sports is not totally a matter of luck but also you need to have a good amount of skills to win almost every time here you will get some important tips on how you can increase your winning percentage 

Play on sites which has less traffic

--Playing on sites which have less traffic can increase your winning percentage because you will most probably get less skilled opponents playing on sites like dream11 will get you very fewer winnings and high skill opponents try finding out new websites on google which have new names as they have less traffic 
This trick will definitely get you more winnings

Joining leagues 

--Joining your league makes a big difference in your gameplay and winnings Firstly you need to understand what kind of leagues you need to join
Strictly Avoid Grand Leagues 
Avoid playing grand leagues as they are totally luck dependent and wastes your money most of the times your winning chances are only .5% whereas in small leagues that is 2-10 member league increases you winning percentage by 80% 
If you want to play grand leagues then make a group of 5-6 friends and try 6 combinations of teams by each one this can increase your win percentage but that too very less
Join small leagues which are 2-10 members and at least 3 winners  this will increase your win percentage and your money will be on less risk and join multiple small leagues
Money Investment

Before adding funds you must check the offers that are offered by the site like sometimes MyTeam11 offers you 333 rupees bonus if you add 333 rupees. Finding offers like this would help you gain extra money for investment
You must set your monthly goal for adding money in your fantasy wallet that how much would you add per month and don't spend or invest all of your money on a single match if you have a great knowledge about the match and the players and ground report then you can invest 60% of your amount or else 30% is sufficient . The higher the contest entry fee the higher is the risk and competition

Gathering information about the match

Before you invest in any match you must check the playing 11 before 30 minutes the match starts on websites like cricbuzz you must choose your players according to the pitch and ground reports you can also find these reports on apps like fantasy guru etc or you can check on google. If the ground is batting friendly then you must pick more of batsmen and vice-versa
 Try taking risk on players like you can have have a player who is a great batsmen but is out of form people have less focus on such players and this could prove to be profitable for you.

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