Learn Blogging And Earn Money

Hey! I am here to teach you how to earn money with blogging 

What is blogging?

Blogging is a kind of website you make on various platforms like blogger, word press etc you type your own content, buy a domain, promote your website and share it worldwide this makes you money in many ways this I will tell you in this post only so read it fully. You may think this is tough but this is not that tough you just need to be good in one or other fields on which you can write and share information with people. Everything will be taught to you in this blog

1.Best topic

The most important part of blogging is that you choose your niche and topic wisely. You should choose a topic which is in less competition and has good searches per month you also must have knowledge about the topic on which you are going to start your blogging carrier as you can not copy content from somewhere and post on your blog post as this is against the adsence policies to monetize your blog and show ads. Your content should be unique and original

2.Ranking your blog

Your keywords should be popular so that your blog grows rapidly. You can research on this and you should if you are serious with this business idea. Like if your blog is on earn money online then you can find some common and popular keywords by searching your blog topic on google and the automated search suggestions are also good keywords for ranking your website as shown below.
This is a very common method you should learn and try other ways also

3.Buying Your Own Domain

When you start a new blog for e.g. on blogger.com if you start a new blog you get a website with a subdomain .blogspot.com which is not accepted by AdSense anymore you need to buy a domain I suggest hostinger for buying domains and hosting as it is user-friendly and cheap. Adsence is also not accepting free domains like .tk etc So you need to buy a domain. Buying a domain increases chances of your website to be approved in adsence and always prefer premium domains like.com etc Once you buy the domain sign up on google webmaster and enter your website there this will help increase your website traffic

4. Writing posts

While writing posts you must keep in mind that your posts must follow the adsence and blogger policies like your content should not have any copyrighted content and copy paste work does not work here so you should have knowledge about what you are writing as users will like it and your website will gain traffic which is most important you can get paid traffic from google ads or free traffic from pinterest 

5.Earning with blog websites

When you qualify for Adsence monetization program (you can check this in your earnings tab on the left side when you log into your blogger account) then you can start earning money by showing ads on your website and other option to earn money from blog is from affiliate links you can add your affiliate links on your website and earn money I have taught affiliate marketing here- https://earnbillsonline.blogspot.com/2019/10/earn-moneyand-grow-with-amazonflipkart.html
You just need to add the ad codes generated from the adsence account and place on blog website root directory or theme Html code and in affiliate marketing also you need to generate product affiliate codes and place on your website. 

Minimum requirements for earning with adsence on your blog

1. You must have an adsence account 
2.A paid domain 
3.Original content 
4.Traffic on the website 

Minimum requirements for earning with affiliate marketing on your blog 

1.An associate account of the online shopping site 
2.A blog website 

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