Learning to grow with YouTube

Learn to earn with YouTube

If you are about to start a YouTube channel or you are new in this field and want to learn and earn with YouTube then you are here at the right place

First of all, if you use a computer or laptop then you must install the Vidiq extension on your chrome browser. For this go to chrome://extensions/ and search Vidiq and add it to your chrome extension this will help you a lot while uploading videos in YouTube by giving different tags and the number of tags you need to give and what is the length of a good description and show you SEO score and it gives you ways how to increase your SEO. SEO score helps your video to come in the top search results the more is the SEO score the more traffic your video will capture

Now lets come to the main topic of how to grow with YouTube. Let me tell you that earning of money from YouTube requires patience and many amounts of knowledge about your topic

First some common points

1.Good long description with some links and hashtags
2.Good title with keywords that are recently searched
3.Good and attractive Thumbnail that attracts users
4.A good intro when your video starts 

Now the main points

1. You need to make your channel on a single topic

Like if you are making a channel you must upload videos on a single topic as if your channel is a technical channel then you must not make and upload any video from around different topics your videos must be related to a single topic this helps to increase traffic fast and get more subscribers as you know it is obvious that if a viewer watches your video he/she must be interested in that that is only why they are watching this. Agree? then if your channel would be only on that topic then he/she will subscribe for further videos or else just watch the video and go away. No matter your video is interesting or something but the viewer would just watch it and leave in most of the cases so your probability of increasing subscribers decreases. It's better if you first choose a topic on which you want to make videos then collect much amount of information on that topic and then start your channel

2.Quality Videos 

Now when you followed all the common points mentioned above and a viewer comes on your video then you need to take care of them by good quality video content you must have a good intro as mentioned above and a good picture quality , you can use mobile phone its enough to make good quality videos You should research on what keyword do people type for searching content related to your topic and you must add those keywords in your description, title, tags, etc

3.Increasing Audience

Increasing your audience involves promoting your videos on various free and paid platforms like contacting with big YouTube channels and asking them to promote your channel, running ads on google ads, giving ads on Instagram and Facebook 
You must ask users to like your videos and comment their views as this helps to grow your YouTube channel and you must try replying to each comment as this helps in engaging more viewers

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