Open Your Online Store And earn Money online

Want to open a shop? but too lazy to sit in the shop for the morning till night? Then Here's the solution.

Hello! Here I'll be talking about becoming an online seller 

1. What does becoming an online seller means?

It includes selling your products on internet throughout the world this will help you generate more income and the benefit of this is you can do everything from the comfort zone of your home and if you were thinking of opening a shop it would require investment like shop rent , car shipping charges etc but here you don't need to pay any rent neither you need you to need to find the place where you will keep your products that you need to sell and no need to worry that how will I sell and ship the product as you know that people can not come to your place and pick their products. Haha just kidding 
You can do this online business with platforms like and amazon now you must have got to know that this is no scam or something it is all genuine and trusted worldwide you can earn up to 5000$ a month and even more if you do more hard work 

Minimum requirements to start this business on amazon are:-
1.Amazon Sellers Account
2. GSTIN number
3.PAN card and Bank account
4.Capital according to the product you want to sell 


Firstly once you have signed up for your amazon sellers account and fill up all the required information then you sign up on When you are done with making both of the accounts then you are good to go now 

Your work is that you will buy premium quality products from in a bulk of whatever quantity you want and then sell them on amazon it's as simple as that you just need to fulfill the minimum requirements mentioned above. You must be thinking that where will I receive the products and where will I keep and how will I ship them so don't worry everything will be done by amazon for you what you need to do is invest money on buying products and other expenditures you will be free from other headaches

Amazon's fulfillment program will help you in this (Amazon FBA) you can learn more about this but here I will give you some basic information about Amazon FBA

It is a program started by amazon to help you like you just need to purchase the products from any online store where you get wholesale price and make the payment and on the receivers address you will give the amazon store address which will be provided to you by the amazon  and amazon will only ship that product whenever they get the order and once the order is shipped and amazon gets its payment you will be given your amount in your bank account this is as simple as that you don't need to have any trust issues nothing it is all trusted and a legal process but in return amazon will charge a very little keeping and shipping charges from you .

Important tips to grow rapidly in this business 

1. Choose products that are more in demand and less in competition

    This is must which will grow your online business rapidly because when you'll have less competition you'll have more buyers this is obvious so before just rushing with this business try doing research on all these things because this is very important

2. Try doing social marketing of products on social media this will help you a lot

     This method will help you in increasing your sales and let people know about your online shop 

3.The most important

    Build legal certificates for your business like terms and conditions etc which would prevent you from online frauds

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