Remove footer credits from Free Blogger Templates

Very Important for getting approval in adsence account 
                                                                        To this 

From This

 Doing this is very important for you blogger to be approved for adsence 

I'll teach you how it's done firstly log in to your blogger account and click view blog

After this go down at last where your footer credits are given and copy the first word like its "crafted" in my footer credits and find this word in your Your blog theme- Go to edit Html and click ctrl-f A pop-up search box will open. Now paste your credit first word there as in my case i will paste "crafted" and press enter now the word will be highlighted 

Now press enter key after " <div class='container row'>" as shown in the picture  (this keyword would be above the highlighted word ) and paste the code given below and press enter after pasting the code 

<p style='text-align:left;'>Copyright (c) 2019 <a href=''>Earn Bills Online</a> All Right Reseved</p>
<div class='ty-copy-container row' style='font-size:1px; opacity:0;'>

After pasting the code in the right place you need to close the HTML code by copying </div> here as shown in the picture This is a closing tag.

You are all set now and remember that doing this can be very beneficial for your blogger account as it will help in the fast approval of your blogger account on adsence

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