Ways To Earn Money With Adsence

1.Making A YouTube Channel

Making a youtube channel is one of the ways to earn money online and once you reach/attain 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers you will be eligible for submitting your request for MONETISATION


1.A mobile phone / if you have a laptop or computer then well and good
2.Internet Connection
3.And some pre-planned stuff to upload on youtube
4. Please keep in mind that you need to be constant on youtube ie. you should upload your videos in a particular time period like once a week or once in 3 days or once a day this will help you to monetize your account faster and will gain you user trust
5. If you have a computer then you can use google chrome and add an extinction Namely Vidiq this will help you a lot in the ranking of your video and increasing SEO score SEO=Search engine optimization

2.Making A Website 

Making a website is also a good idea for earning money with AdSense you can choose a good niche and publish your content online you can make a website using Wix, Blogger, Wordpress etc


1. You should not copy stuff from other websites this will prevent your website from being approved for AdSence
2. Avoid using free domains and hosting as Google has declared that it will only accept paid domains 
3. I prefer Blogger as it provides free hosting you only need to buy is a domain and that would cost you very cheap I prefer HOSTINGER for domains as it is fast, reliable and cheap
4. Post at least 25 blogs and then buy a domain and get the Adsense approval
5. The domain that gets the fastest approval is .com it will cost you near about 8$ for a year

Earning Through Admob

Earning Through AdMob is also a very good way to earn a lot Admob id also a part of adsence which monetises mobile apps ie you can place your adds on the app and publish the app on play store  and share your app throughout the globe but needs a little bit of investment you need to find any app developer and pay him for the development of the app and you also need to buy a console account which will cost you 25$ it is a one time investment and you can publish as many apps as you want on play store and generate revenue


1. You can start for free by developing apps on websites like apps geyser and Thunkable classic 
   these platforms are free of cost you can generate apps here free of cost and publish on play store
2. Your app must follow the guidlines of AdMob like your app must have privacy policy button and         about button
3. You must not click on your ads which are placed in your apps as google will recognize and block          your adsence account and you won't be able to create another as google allows one account per            person Do not use VPN for clicking on your ads yourself as google does not allow and no self          clicking works here
4. You must adhere to the policies of google play console account as if you get 3 apps rejected then your account will also be blocked

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